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Everything that you need to know about driving with Bounce.Right here.

How do I register to drive for Bounce?

Bounce only accepts drivers who are currently driving for Uber and/or Lyft.

The Bounce Drive app is designed to help our owner-drivers decide how, where, and when they choose to earn.

Registering to become a Bounce driver

To become a Bounce driver, download the Bounce Driver partner app from Google Play Store or App Store. When you log in for the first time, you will need to register by entering information such as your name, phone number, email address, date of birth, SSN, car details (ride type, make, model, color, plate number and manufacturing year) driving license and expiration date , bank details being the account number and routing number. Bounce only accepts drivers who have already driven or drive for other rideshare companies.

Background check and vehicle inspection

After you submit all your details, Bounce will perform background checks and ask you to get your vehicle inspected at our authorized inspection center.
As soon as your paperwork is cleared, you are ready to drive with Bounce.

How do I upload documents on the Bounce Driver app?

While registering as a driver, you will need to gather car insurance copy, driver license copy, approved vehicle inspection form, screenshot of the rating from another rideshare app, and upload them to get approved to drive for Bounce. In order to stay active, you are always required to keep your documents updated even after your registration process is completed. Please bear a few important things in mind when uploading your documents:

  1. Documents can be uploaded and managed via a tablet or a smartphone. All you need is access to the internet and to your own documents.
  2. If documents are not accurately uploaded or if the information is not correctly filled out, the document(s) will not be successfully reviewed and approved. As a result, there will be a delay in completing your registration as a Bounce driver.
  3. Each photo that’s uploaded, needs to be a clear legible image of the original document. If the photo of the document is too dark or blurry to read or the entire document is not included in the photo, then the document will be rejected and you will need to take a better image and upload it again.

If you have any issues during the process, please feel free to get in touch with us at contact@joinbounce.com and we’ll be happy to help.

Where can I get my vehicle inspected?

You will need to take your vehicle to an authorized inspection center. Bounce has a deal with Express Tire to provide the inspection free of charge. You can visit any of their outlets and get a 19-point inspection done on your vehicle. To find an ExpressTire outlet closest to you, please click on the link: http://expresstire.com/locations.shtml.Other options are ridesharemechanic.com or at the Bounce home office in San Diego.

How do I accept a ride on Bounce?

Once you are fully onboarded as a Bounce owner-driver to accept rides, you simply need to open the Bounce Driver app and mark yourself “available”. You will be alerted with an audible alert and a screen with “Accept” or “Reject” when a ride request comes in. Please accept or reject at the earliest. If you cannot accept the ride at that point, reject it so that the request can be sent to other available drivers. Please don’t keep the order pending if you are unavailable.

Am I penalized if I reject a ride?

No, there is no penalty for rejecting a ride request.  Of course, we always want our drivers to accept ride requests—that is how we provide the best service and grow the company—but there are numerous reasons why drivers cannot take a ride. So, not only is there no penalty on our platform for rejecting a ride, but we really want you to hit “reject” when you can’t take the ride because it helps us find an available driver, quicker.

What do I do if I cannot accept a ride?

Just hit reject. It is important for you to reject unwanted rides at the earliest so we can find available drivers quicker. We give you 15 seconds to accept or reject a ride so ignoring a ride request will delay our process of finding a driver in 15 seconds.

How does the navigation work on the Bounce Rider app?

The Bounce app provides navigation to the rider’s pickup location, and notifies the rider of the drivers’ arrival. Once the trip has begun, drivers get directions to their destination. Drivers can either choose to follow that or use the navigate button that takes them to an external navigation app (Waze, Google Maps or Apple maps) which has the pickup/destination location already filled in.

How do I track my earnings?

Earnings will automatically get transferred to your account every week. The Bounce Driver app is comprehensive and not only allows you to track your earnings but also helps you build your network of driver partners and manage your business. You can track your earnings on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.We will continue to add to your capability to view you and your network’s performance.

How/where do I get information on filing my taxes?

As a driver partner or an independent representative with Bounce you will need to file taxes at the end of the year. Our accounts department will mail you IRS Form 1099 at the end of the year.

Does Bounce provide insurance coverage?

BOUNCE drivers will have to maintain their personal automobile insurance that meets the legal requirements. The driver’s insurance policy will cover all the claims that arise when the driver is not using the BOUNCE app.  Drivers should use an insurance carrier that covers rideshare vehicles and be sure their policy covers them as a rideshare driver.  Bounce strongly encourages drivers to get uninsured motorist coverage with high limits and not just the minimum liability coverage.

BOUNCE Insurance Coverage – Each BOUNCE trip is covered under the BOUNCE automobile insurance policy of $1million while logged into the BOUNCE app and traveling on an accepted ride.  When you’re on a trip, your liability to third parties is covered by Bounce’s $1 million insurance policy. It covers incidents that occur between accepting a trip and reaching the rider’s destination.  When you are logged into the app waiting for a ride request Bounce’s insurance is not very good so you should have your own insurance with high limits on uninsured motorist.  It is too likely that if you are involved in an accident that the offending driver will have low liability limits or will flee the scene of the accident so if you will be left with only your uninsured motorist policy.  Drivers should consider purchasing an umbrella policy with uninsured motorist coverage to provide even more protection.  If you are injured it doesn’t take much for your medical bills alone to be hundreds of thousands of dollars so it could be crucial for your wellbeing to have very high uninsured motorist coverage.

How is my rating as a Bounce driver calculated?

At Bounce, driver rating is based on an average of the number of post-trip stars riders gave (from 1 to 5 stars), for the total number of rated trips taken by the driver. The best way to keep the average rating high is to provide good service on every trip. We know that sometimes a trip doesn’t go well—that’s why we only look at the average rating.

When is a cancellation fee charged to the rider and what are the cancellation charges?

a)      No cancellation fees will be charged where the trip request is placed by the rider, but the driver has not accepted the trip request yet.

b)   A cancellation fee will be charged if the rider cancels the trip if too much time has elapsed so as to compensate the driver.

c) A cancellation fee will be charged if the rider is not ready to be picked up in a reasonable amount of time of the driver arriving.

What is a driver cancellation rate?

A driver cancellation is when a driver accepts and then cancels a ride. A driver cancellation should be a rare occurrence. There is no penalty for rejecting a ride and you can see where the rider’s pickup is prior to accepting the ride. Driver cancellations make for a very poor rider experience and should be avoided. The rate is calculated as the number of driver cancellations divided by the total number of rides.

How will Bounce assist persons with disabilities?

If a person with disabilities requests assistance that the driver is able to reasonably accommodate, the driver should do so because it is the right thing to do so. It is also legally required by the Americans with Disabilities Act to do this. Examples of reasonable accommodations include but are not limited to folding and storing a manual wheelchair in the trunk, assisting with luggage, or allowing service animals in the car.

What is the ‘pet policy’ at Bounce?

Our drivers expect the riders to call them in advance to ask for permission for bringing in the pet into a Bounce vehicle. If you are not comfortable, please say no and cancel the ride immediately and there will be no cancellation fee for this.

Service animals are not “pets” and need to be fully accommodated.  Persons with service animals are not expected to contact the driver to request permission because they have a legal right to bring their service animal with them anywhere, including on their Bounce ride. Riders can be charged a cleaning fee if their pet leaves a mess or damages the car.

What do I do when a rider creates a mess inside my car?

If a rider causes damage or creates a mess in the vehicle during a Bounce trip that requires cleaning/fixing, the rider will be charged a cleaning fee. At times, cleaning or fixing a damage prevents a driver from taking any further trip requests, hence we charge a cleaning fee to reimburse the driver for the loss of opportunity and the money spent. A driver can report a mess or any damage by, e-mail or text. Our staff will reach out to you at the earliest to check the details of the incident. Please take pictures of the mess / damage done along with a detailed description of the incident and e-mail it to contact@joinbounce.com as soon as possible and certainly within 3 days.

Bounce staff will review and provide a reimbursement for clearing the mess/ fixing the damage. It is important that a driver keeps sufficient evidence of any such incident and cooperates with our staff during an enquiry. If the evidence does not match with the claim of the driver or in the event the evidence is found insufficient, the claim will be rejected and no reimbursement will be provided. In cases where a Bounce driver reports any damage to the vehicle or a mess is created by a rider during a Bounce trip, the driver will be reimbursed to the extent of repairs, cleaning charges and/or efforts required to clean, as the case may be. The final decision will remain with Bounce.

How much is the cleaning fees charged to riders?

The fee ranges from $0 for spilled water to $150 for major messes.

$0 – Insignificant mess. Cleaned or wiped up quickly and easily. Includes water spills and dry food crumbs on the seat.

$20 – Small interior mess that requires vacuuming or simple cleaning (minor food or beverage spills, dirt)

$40 – Moderate mess on vehicle’s exterior (food or beverage mess).

$150 – A major mess that requires cleaning between the window and door or air vents (major bodily fluid messes).

Bounce will decide on reimbursement amount only after checking the pictures e-mailed to us.

What are the factors that may cause a driver to lose access to the Bounce platform?

The guidelines below help explain some of the specific kinds of behavior that may cause a driver to lose access to Bounce. There will always be unexpected events that may result in drivers losing access to their account. Following are sufficient causes for us to cancel a driver’s access to the Bounce platform.


Riders who use Bounce expect their Drivers to drive safely, and also to be courteous and professional. The higher the quality of the service, the higher the number of riders who want to take trips translating into more opportunities for drivers to make money. On the flip side, poor service will have the opposite effect over a period of time. There are several ways we can measure driver quality, with the most important being, star ratings and cancellation rate.

Customer Feedback:

Bounce will rely heavily on customer reviews. If customers are unhappy with a driver’s performance, Bounce could discontinue matching customers with this driver.

Ignoring the App:

If a driver is marked as “available” but fails to “accept” or “reject” ride requests, we will assume that the driver is not actually “available” and treat the incident as such. If the driver has a record of continuing to respond to ride requests despite being unavailable, Bounce may ban the driver because failure to respond causes delays in matching riders with available drivers.

Acceptance Rate:

Quick acceptance of rides provides a better experience for customers.  Drivers not accepting rides causes delays in customers being matched with a driver and all around slower service for the customer.  Bounce will work to incentivize quicker acceptance times and higher acceptance rates and to discourage lower acceptance rates. The Bounce app will alert drivers if they have been declining trip requests and with consistent decline in trip requests, the Bounce app will ban the account.


Safety of our driver and riders is the top priority at Bounce and any act involving violence, sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, or illegal activity will lead to blocking the account. On receipt of a complaint of any such act, our staff will investigate. Depending on the circumstances, we may put the account on a temporary ban status till the investigations are over. The account holder would be notified of any such complaint received and change in their status, through the app. Bounce will cooperate with the law enforcement agency at any point of time in accordance to the Bounce policies procedures.

Zero tolerance:

Any complaint received regarding any activity involving physical contact with the driver or the rider, inappropriate use of language or gestures, any contact with the driver / rider after the trip, non-compliance of the law will be investigated and can result in consequences including the rider or driver being permanently banned from the platform.

Any complaint received regarding driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol while using the Bounce app can lead to a ban of the account immediately. Our staff will investigate the complaint. Once our investigation confirms the complaint, it may lead to blocking the account. The driver will be notified of any complaint received and change in their status through the app.

Third-party access to Bounce driver account:

No driver can transfer the access to his/her Bounce account (that he/she has signed up for) to any other non- user driver and /or Bounce driver. Every driver shall use his/her own account for offering and accepting trip requests to and from the riders through that account. Every new user shall have his/her own exclusive rightful control to his/her respective Bounce account which shall be under no circumstances be transferred, shared with any other driver. Anyone who wishes to drive with Bounce shall be required to sign up as a new user with new account details. The Bounce app will ban the driver’s account who has shared his/her account details with any other non-user driver / Bounce Driver with the purpose of granting him/her the rights to accept and /or offer trip requests.


Drivers are required to comply with the local, state and federal laws at all times. Any complaint regarding (a) any illegal activity, traffic law violations and inappropriate maintenance of the regulatory requirement, (b) acceptance of illegal street hails while using the Bounce app or undertaking any activity harming the business/brand inclusive but not limited to unauthorized use of the Bounce trademark, violating terms of use, soliciting payment of fares outside the app, (c) any fraud or engaging in a fraudulent activity, (d) any activity undertaken against Bounce policies or to the detriment of the Bounce brand using the Bounce platform can lead to consequences including banning of the account. The account holder will be notified of any such complaint received and change in the status through the app. In case of non-compliance the account will remain banned till the driver does not comply with the law. Bounce will (a) screen the drivers in compliance with the law (b) conduct routine motor vehicle record checks and background checks. Drivers are (a) bound to keep Bounce informed of any incident which leads a driver to be ineligible to drive for Bounce, (b) require the driver’s personal information, registration details, insurance details and license details to be up to date and true at any point of time

In the event a driver is found ineligible to drive, the account will be banned. The account holder will be notified of any such compliant received and change in the status through the app. The account will remain banned till the driver does not update the documents and details and raises a request to unban the account. A request to unban the account may be emailed at contact@joinbounce.com.
Delivering riders safely to their destination is just a part of our service at Bounce. We offer a professional and reliable service to you with the foremost aim of making your drive comfortable.

Call Us: Our dedicated customer service center is operational 24×7 in California. Just call (858) 329-0132 any time of the day and our staff will be happy to assist.

E-mail Us: You can also send us an email to contact@joinbounce.com. Our customer service executives will call you to take the details of your complaint.