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Driver eligibility

Bounce offers Drivers a unique opportunity to be the owner of the company they work for. It is a great way to be your own boss and earn extra cash and equity by referring other drivers and riders. Check our basic requirements to drive on the Bounce platform—here’s what a Driver needs to know:

Basic Qualification

Anyone can drive for Bounce, if they meet the minimum requirements set out below:

Drivers will be initially screened to pass basic qualifications such as:

1) At least 21 years of age
2) Valid California Driver’s License or U.S. driver’s license
3) Valid Personal Car Insurance
4) Valid Vehicle Registration
5) Have at least one year of driving experience in the U.S. (3 years driving experience if the driver is under 23 years of age)

Vehicle Inspection

Drivers needs to take the vehicle to an authorized inspection center. Bounce has an arrangement with Express Tire Auto Service Centers in San Diego to provide the required vehicle inspection free of charge to the Driver. The Driver can visit any of their outlets and get a 19 point inspection on the vehicle. To find the nearest outlet, please click on the link: http://expresstire.com/locations.shtml

Background check

Once the minimum requirements are met and the vehicle passes inspection, take a few minutes to start a screening online. It’ll review the driving record and criminal history of the Driver.


At Bounce Safety and comfort is our top priority which can never be compromised. We have several features and policies in place to ensure safe trips which are comfortable and reliable. Any safety issue can be reported to us at safety@joinBounce.com or call us at (858)-329-0132 and our staff will reach out to you immediately.

Bounce offers a blend of safety policies and advanced technology to make each Bounce experience pleasant. The following measures have been taken:

a) Background check of the Drivers
b) The GPS tracking allows a RIDER to share the trip details.
c) Panic button feature of the Bounce rider app can be clicked in case of

an emergency to notify the emergency contact via a text. You will need to program your panic button in advance with the phone number you want your text to go to and the message you want sent. You should also discuss with your panic button recipient what they should do in the case of you sending them a panic text like what your safe word is etc. Your panic text will also include the make, model and license number of the vehicle and well as a link to the tracking information of the vehicle.
d) Retrieve lost items by contacting the driver directly or contacting Bounce at (858) 329-0132

Tolerance policy

Bounce aims at maintaining a pleasant Bounce experience. We condemn any act involving violence, sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, or illegal activity. Any activity involving physical contact with the Driver or the Rider, inappropriate use of language or gestures, any contact with the Driver / Rider after the trip, non-compliance of the law will be viewed and investigated strictly. The app will alert the user if any complaint is reported and our Bounce staff will call immediately to check the details. Multiple complaints on any Driver or Rider regarding their conduct will lead to blocking the account on Safety Grounds.
Some of the key points of the no tolerance policy are listed below:-

a) Unsafe Driving
b) Disrespect fellow passengers
c) Sexual misconduct
d) Physical contact during or after the trip
e) Use of inappropriate language and gesture and display unprofessionalism in the conduct.
f) Non-Compliance of law
g) Use of Drug or Alcohol by Drivers while Driving.
h) Discrimination and refusal to provide services based on where Rider is going, or characteristics like a person’s race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age or any other characteristic protected under relevant federal, state or local law.

Guidelines for Drivers

We want BOUNCE to be the preferred mode of transport for everyone. These guidelines are designed to ensure that Riders and Drivers have a safe and enjoyable experience with BOUNCE.

Basic courtesy

Treat Riders with respect. We insist on Drivers being on time because nobody likes to wait. Keep the car clean. When the car in a good condition it ensures the Rider has a pleasant ride. We have a strict zero-tolerance policy to discrimination on the basis of color, race, culture or any disability. Respect it.

Don’t get personal

Privacy and personal space is important to everyone. Drivers should refrain from commenting on someone’s appearance or ask if they are single. We have a strict no touch, no flirt, no sex policy that is – no sexual conduct between Drivers and Riders, under any circumstances.

Safety first

Drivers are required to follow the local law. Drivers need to buckle up when they get into the car. Drivers responsibilities when it comes to safety at BOUNCE means keeping to the speed limit; not running any red lights; not texting while driving; always using a phone mount; and never driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and taking a break when tired.


Drivers can contact our helpline to report a Rider. Honest feedback will help us to ensure that everyone is accountable for their behavior. This creates a respectful and safe environment for both Riders and Drivers.

Banning an account

Bounce accounts may be banned which will disable the account temporarily or permanently. The accounts may be banned for multiple reasons and accountholders can e-mail at contact@www.joinbounce.com regarding reactivating of their account. Bounce staff will respond to the request. The final discretion to unban an account will continue to remain with Bounce.

Blocking an account

In case of a policy breach the Bounce account may be blocked which will disable the account permanently. Sole discretion to unblock an account remains with Bounce. The accountholder can email at contact@joinBounce.com regarding the request to unblock an account.

Cancellation Policy

At Bounce we aim to provide a fair deal for both the Riders and Drivers. We expect both the Driver and Rider to keep up the promise in order to ensure a pleasant Bounce experience. When the Driver accepts the trip request using the Bounce apps, the Rider has a right to expect the Driver to turn up at the pick-up address. Similarly the Driver has a right to expect the Rider to be available at the pickup address. There is an underlying promise between the two parties to be available at the pickup address. Cancellation of the trip request by the Driver could create a poor experience to the Rider and such a behavior is discouraged. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for cancellation.
In the event where the Driver regularly cancels the trip request without a good reason, the Bounce app would have the account banned.

Accessibility Policy
Driver Profile:

Drivers are required by law to accommodate passengers’ service dogs and to provide assistance to persons with disabilities who require assistance upon request. Passengers with service dogs will not be charged a cleaning fee for shedding. Examples of assistance required by a passenger with a disability are folding up a wheelchair and storing it in the trunk or assisting with luggage. If a Driver has a legitimate reason to not be able to accommodate a person with a disability, the Driver must seek to be excused prior to an incident. As an example, if the Driver were also reliant on a wheelchair for mobility, the Driver would need to let Bounce know so Bounce could work to avoid matching the Driver with passengers known to require physical assistance. Bounce will likely require medical documentation to support any request to be excused from accommodating persons with disabilities.

Service Animal Policy

With Bounce, our drivers are expected to cater to the Riders with Service Animals as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) governs the use of service dogs in public places. Only exception to accept the request made by the Rider with service animal is if the medical condition of the Driver does not allow him to do so. Our drivers do not have the discretion to refuse a ride to the Rider with service animal for other reasons like personal fear of the animal, religious reasons and / or hygiene reasons. Barring a medical condition of the Driver, Drivers must allow service animals in their vehicles to remain active within the Bounce platform. For clarity on the ‘service animal’ definition, the ADA defines a service animal as a dog that is “individually trained” to “perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability.” The tasks a dog has been trained to provide must be directly related to the person’s disability.

A “helper monkey” or a cat cannot be considered a service animal under the ADA; the ADA limits the definition of service animals to dogs and small horses.

Do’s for the Riders with Service Animals-
• Bring a clean blanket or towel to lay down on the seat
• Larger service dogs will need larger cars/ XL.
• Any shedding by the service animals shall not be charged to the Riders.

Do’s for the Drivers accommodating Service animals:
• Drivers must accommodate service animals.
• Service animals don’t need to have a tag identifying them as service animals.
• Drivers can ask Rider if the animal is a service animal, and if Rider confirm the Driver a yes, then they must accommodate.
• You can ask what task the animal performs but you cannot ask anything about

what the person’s disability. If the passenger says the dog is a service animal, you give them a ride. Many people have invisible disabilities and dogs are able to assist them in more ways than you can imagine. It is a violation of the ADA, a Federal civil rights statute, to ask the passenger about their disability or to refuse service to a person because of their service dog.